A story for the whole life

When we were children we enjoyed a curious family ritual: visiting building sites. Yes, it may sound strange, but our grandfather had a small construction company and some weekends he would take us with him.
We were expected to take over the family business sooner or later, but sometimes new generations have their own agenda and we decided to create our own company with new ideas for new needs.

We started Room Global about fifteen years ago with the idea of creating a company from scratch that was focused on customer service. We wanted to make sure that an experience as special and unique as building your home didn't become a traumatic experience. Throughout these years, Room Global has established itself as the best partner, that helping hand that walks alongside the client - and their architect - throughout the process of building or renovating their home, office or commercial space. 
Achieving excellence has brought us many challenges in every sense of the word.

No one can imagine how creative and challenging it can be to make a project designed by another architect buildable. Constructive and logistical solutions always have to be found, and sometimes this requires a lot of imagination and a lot of experience. In addition, this way of working gives us the opportunity to collaborate with a different architect on each project and this is very enriching.
This new vision that Room Global offers has gone far beyond the executive department. We have a separate financial control for each of our projects, which allows us to keep a tight control on planning and also on costs. 
Customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal of Room Global, which focuses above all on personalised attention and attention to detail. We work hand in hand with the client and their architect to make the whole process of building or reforming their home, office or commercial space as satisfactory as possible. We accompany and guide them throughout this journey, which is very special, but also has some difficult moments, such as finding the best suppliers. And we are there for that and whatever else is needed. 
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